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Finding me all over again!

Sometimes the best way to find yourself is to look to the past. Some old scrapbook layouts…my journal…of years gone by.


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Happy Birthday to my Dad!!!!!!

Dear Dad,

Even though you are half way around the world, I am always reminded of your wise words….Be HAPPY! You have always told this to Raj and I since we were little kids…simple words, but so much meaning and so true. Thanks Dad.

I hope your day is filled with memories, time at the club and with family…and when you visit next year, we;ll have to celebrate with a couple of Margaritas…or how you call it…Maggies!!!!!! Lova!

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Happy Mother’s Day Mama!!


Dear Ma,

With this mother’s day come many sentiments..visually, at stores, on tv and all sort of social media. And I love it! It reminds me to the amazing mama you are and always will be. I hate the fact that you are so far away, but comforted that you are in my heart and head! I am still trying to figure and work on this thing called life. And so far I think I am doing ok. Being a mom…being a parent is one of the hardest things ever! And I am coming into understanding of some of the many things you must have went through. Even more, you came to a new country without any of your family to create one of your own. You are brave, courageous, true and full of spunk and and attitude and for that I am grateful. Sorry to not call more….one day I too will wonder why my girls don’t call more…but until then know this…..I love you and am so thankful for the life you and dad gave Raj and I.  Happy Mother’s day Mom!




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Memory #4978373-Dad and I drive to SLO to look for a place!

This is my first installment of what I hope to be many that will document the many memories I have in the depths of my brain, and emotions that I want to get down in writing. The numbers associated with these memories are just random numbers really, but it’s fun to think how many memories we all can actually have! So here we go!


My dream college was attending Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. When I received the acceptance letter I was so excited, nervous and anxious! Months before actually moving, I had to find a place. Dorms were out of the question, as the cost was way to high. So my dad and I made the trip from Fremont to San Luis to take a look at what the city had to offer.

It was pretty bad. Place after place, my dad wasn’t satisfied at his only daughter living alone. Looking back neither was I. We looked and looked.  The last straw was coming to the back of a home and seeing this “studio.” It was a galley style place that had slanted floors…make-shift really…smelled awful and we were shocked she was asking $800 for it.  Give me a break! When we got back in the car, I started to get teary eyed, as we didn’t find anything. We went out to eat and took another look at the paper and this time looked for ads that said room mates needed. The first place we came across was for a Condo room rental on Laguna Lane.

We met with the owner, Lori Jackson, and both us were impressed that she was a professor at Poly..not much older than me…or maybe she is younger…either way…pretty cool!  Yes, I was on the 10-12 year college plan! For as much as she interviewed us, my dad interviewed her making sure I would be safe and feel comfortable. And the price was right at $400 per month. At least I think it was that low…may have been lower.

The ride home was looking better, but we knew she had several applicants…and the further we got away from SLO, towards Fremont, the sadder I became. Then I will never forget what my dad said he would do….He said I could go to the dorms if it meant he had to take a second job.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude…really? You don’t need to do that, but he insisted if that’s what it came down to he would do it.

When we got home. we told mom everything. As I was telling her about Lori and the great possibility, the phone rang……it was Lori. She asked for my dad and talked to him and offered the place to me!!!!! Over the moon happy! I bet my dad was too! It was set…I have a place to live!

I will never forget my dad’s thoughts and words as he tried to make sure his daughter would be safe and happy….

Thanks Dad! Lova!