Happy Heart Day…everyday!…love










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My Masi…Auntie


You will be missed but always cherished for your wonderful spirit, the way you spread your happiness and for your endless love of your family.

Masi, please look over your family from above and give them peace. Love you

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2014….Transformation…….Happy New Year!

Living in the now……it’s part of my word for the year…Transformation, transform, transformative. Sure things are ever changing. Change is part of life. But I want to make this a year of living in the moment by cherishing the present. That to me is transforming!

Other things will of come into play…a new job, a new schedule, new goals, new dreams.  But the point is really to keep dreaming right. So here is to the dreams, to the highs and lows, the getting through the tough times, to cherishing the simply times……..2014…another year, another chance. Cheers!