A new Year, some new Layouts!

I’m getting back into the digital creative groove…especially when I get to work with digital designer, Karla Dudley and her wonderful kits at Pixel and Co.  Here is a few to start the year off. And now that I am almost over this nasty flu that had been going around, I feel well enough to say that now the new year can begin!

   christmas-2012-kd-happy-holidays-and-clear- hanging-out-on-the-roof-using-kd-roycraft snowflakes-with-kd-happy-holiday slo-botanical-garden-2012-with-kd-change sisters-made-with-kd-penelopi nightstand-with-kdberenstein-kit-smaller


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Happy Halloween!

I made this Halloween Subway art last year and wanted to share here again! As always feel free to pin, print and share!!!

MIndful, Subway Art

Subway Art, For our Planet…..Playful Planet

I’ve been working as Playful Planet’s social media specialist, and really enjoy working for a local company that focus’s on being a global resource for families. When you go to their website, you are immediately taken in by the beautiful, colorful imagery! The resources are wonderful…and I’m not just saying that cause I work there!

I’m guest blogger today over at Playful Planet, so be sure to check them out! I have uploaded these two art pieces there too! Namaste everyone and have a great weekend! As always feel free to pin, print and share!