Audrey Hepburn and my current favorite quote!

I love Audrey Hepburn. Her Elegance, Style, Panache, and Gusto….Her wise words have come back to me on several occasions as of late, and I had to pay my respect to this fabulous person! What she says is my new favorite quote and I hope you can take it and believe it for yourself!

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(black and white photo courtesy of the photos from the movie Sabrina)

Published in Mamalode Magazine!

So excited to share my published poem! It was in the most recent magazine, MAMALODE, out of Missoula Montana.

I actually came across this magazine at Playful Planet Headquarters. Karen had a copy of it on her desk, and I was taken in by the cover. So I wrote the name down and later looked it up online at home. I love the idea have having a themed read each time the mag came out. When I read that they were looking for submissions around the theme of Balance. I decided to try for it.

It really is pretty cool to have your name in print for something you wrote! Though the magazine is mostly centered in Missoula, all the articles are for everyone reading and I feel so honored to be part of this community! Check them out online and if you can get a hold of a copy, consider it time well spent!

Here is the poem…….

I Am The Beam.

I find myself

on a fine line.

Walking on it.

Not a tightrope.

A balance beam.

On one side

I see.

I see what

I do

For everyone.

Care, share, and give.

On the other side

I see

what I do for


Seek, find, and create.

In the middle

is me.

The lines crossover.

The air is wide.

I realize in my motion

I am the middle.

I am the balance.

I am the beam.


Thanks for letting me share!!!!  Cheers to sharing more soon!

Season’s Change

Just sharing some old, but new now, creations I made back in the day! I can feel the seasons’s change upon us. The weather, the crisp of the air…something is there! Enjoy the change of seasons! Have that warm cup of chai tea and study the rain…play and play often! I welcome comments and look forward to hearing how your seasons are changing for you!

Thanks Alt for the blogging advice!

In the world of blogging there are so many ways to do things. I have had up to three different blogs and find it refreshing to change my design every now and then. I like to take my blogging with a grain of salt, know that as I change, so will my thoughts and writing.  And that’s ok! But as with anything I tend to take on, I like to research new ideas and see what’s going on the in the world, weather it be gardening or a diy project to photography and yes… blogging.

In my research, I came across Altitude Summit. As they state on their website: “Alt is a place to connect.” They offer advice and collaborations in business and bring ideas and relationships to the forefront of blogging. They offer a  number of online articles as well as an in person summit for bloggers to attend.

One such article that caught my attention was  “8 Tips for Great Blogging.” It offered common sense advice in writing your own blog, that I found I was already doing, but is very helpful in keeping me mindful of what and how I write because it’s easy to get swept up in the …how too make my blog better, instead of sticking to the why did I do this in the first place! Alt reminds me to get back to the simple basics…like getting real and personal.

I encourage anyone starting out in blogging, to do their own research and be sure to check out the new Alt Blog for blogging inspiration and business advice.

Happy Blogging!!!