Happy Heart Day…everyday!…love










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Rise Up…Unforgettable


Enjoy this day and everyday. Remember to rise up and stand up and believe in those effected by sexual assault. Take a stand…….and rise!


Words of Love!

So for the whole month of February, I’m attempting to post everyday on the topic of love and yes…even sex! But not quite how you think! This will be in the creative form of a layout art piece……yes, I’m digital scrapping my way through this! Hope you enjoy and feel free to pin, print and share!!! Let the LOVE begin!



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Making Valentine’s Day Cards!

My girls and I have been busy making cards for great causes! With the girls in 4H, every year they make cards for our local Meals on Wheels  in which the cards are also delivered with cookies the girls make. So as you can see My youngest had a wonderful, colorful time making these!


Then My Eldest made her set and I think they came out great too!!


Then on Etsy I saw this request for cards to be made or purchased and sent as a special delivery to  Citymeals-on-Wheels in New York City. Well I thought, yes!!! And so I made these with some wonderful digital scrapbooking elements from Karla Dudley.


If you may be interested in making some to donate, here is the nationwide link to the Meals on Wheels program. Make a family event out of this and you’ll be doing more together to spread love!!

With this being the First of February and a month filled with heart everywhere, I’m also participating in the NaBloPoMo at Blogher in which we post everyday this month! Check it out if you can…many great blogs there!!!!

Hope your February is off to a lovely start!