I Thrive – Honoring women everywhere

pictures of my Ma!

I journal-ed this poem on March 1st, 2019, knowing that this is the month of the woman and March 8 was International Women’s Day. I was inspired by my mom, my daughter’s and my friends. I hope to share this everywhere!

I Thrive.

My thanks,

For I thrive on the backs of those before me,

Who let me push the full weight of my soul,

Upon their fighting minds and wise ways.

They, who saw themselves as not inferior,

Not to be owned,

Not to be ignored.

For theirs is a might unlike anything in this world,

A wonder upon which to be revered.

A roar meant to be heard.

We stand alongside humankind,

Being kind, working hard, adding value to…


Thank you to the many of my kind.

The sisterhood.

The coven.

The grandmamas.

The many who fought, the many who continue to fight,

To protect our place in the human race……

Where we all could…

and should…



It’s Live-Bumptabulous, the book has launched!!!!

And I have a copy for one lucky random winner!!!!!!

I was lucky to be asked to participate in writing four funny, light-hearted stories about my own pregnancy. Over 20 women were asked to write and now there is Bumptabulous!!!!!!

It has launched today! Head over to Amazon to purchase!

But you can also leave a comment here and be randomly chosen to win a copy


you can head over to Librarything to also enter to win!

Read  more about it by clicking the links below!!!!

-the Bumptabulous Site.

my bio on the Bumptabulous site.

-Bumptabulous on Facebook

-Bumptabulous on Amazon

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Audrey Hepburn and my current favorite quote!

I love Audrey Hepburn. Her Elegance, Style, Panache, and Gusto….Her wise words have come back to me on several occasions as of late, and I had to pay my respect to this fabulous person! What she says is my new favorite quote and I hope you can take it and believe it for yourself!

(free to pin, print and share!) (and do share your comments too!)

(black and white photo courtesy of the photos from the movie Sabrina)

lessons learned, MIndful

Part of a Den, reading Women Who Run With the Wolves

I have joined a DEN of women seeking to find their wild selves. This is happening on facebook and I love that we are reading this book! We are taking it chapter by chapter, with discussion in between. I found my ma’s old copy and now I can write in the margins too. It can be a tough read, but when done this way in a group, it’s making it a pleasant and intuitive experience!

After reading the first chapter I felt compelled to draw a bit…and in the book no less! So here is my simple rendering!

Depicts me or can by either one of my daughters, seeking a path that will lead her to her bones. Plan on updating here after each chapter!


A chance to learn…from The Darling Tree!

I was perusing some of my favorite blogs: Boho Girl, Susannah Conway, & Going Home to Roost, to name a few, I began to notice something….they were all designed by the same designer. As I scrolled to the bottom of each blog, there it was….The Darling Tree. So of course I clicked over to find out who this talent was and was thus introduced to Jo Klima.

As I checked her blog out, wishing I would have enough money to hire her to design my blogsite…..which of course is how I wish to create, share and make money, I happily found out that she was having a contest of sorts. Not only does she design websites and blogs, but she teaches an online course on how I can do it myself (light seemed to shine down on me an my computer!) -and she was offering a chance at winning a scholarship to her course! For all the details click this following link to find out more about the Your Darling Blog Workshop and Giveaway.

This would be awesome to take this course from her. I have had several blogs in the past, and having little to no money to shell out for design help, I basically just self taught myself on design, blogging, code, css, etc. I love digital scrapbooking, so I was able to apply some of that knowledge as well. But I now feel the need to take it a step further…it’s time! I want to use my space on the web to share the designs I create and want to inspire and sell. I started my site with intentions of Being Kind and Generous, but also feel that for all I give, I will receive ten fold in return. I admire women like Susannah and Denise who have taken their talents and applied them online. I want to be part of that pack, but into my own! I can do this!

And perhaps with the chance of winning this scholarship, I can! It would be great to finally take a class…to really learn and apply that learning into something unique, inspiring and Om She Said!

So here is my plea, my words out into the world, with the intention and hope that I am the chosen one! We shall see!!!

And if you’re in need of this same intention, I encourage you to check Jo Klima’s Blog, August Empress and see complete the details yourself!